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  • Entrance Instructions

Entrance Instructions to Parc at Gateway Condo

5 South 500 West, 1017, SLC, Ut 84101

Condo for personal use, NOT for vacation rent

Initial entry: Come to front door and call John at 801-458-1745 then let him know you have arrived.

Dial 1017 on call box. I will then buzz you in. Proceed straight in to elevator, go to 10th floor, then turn right to unit 1017. Enter the code, turn knob clockwise. Obtain green FOB pouch on counter. To depart the unit, close door, press “Schlage” button, turn knob counter-clockwise.

Parking car With FOB,: Enter vehicle on 500 West at Northgate parking entrance. Use mag key on lower sensor. Drive down to P1 level. Turn Left twice, then turn right. Pass elevator entrance, and park in spot 89. Use mag key to enter Elevator entrance and elevator to go to 10th floor.

Upon final departure: Leave mag key on kitchen, take elevator to level 1. (mag not needed to this floor). Across from elevator on Level 1, is stairwell to P1. Exit through there.

Any questions call or text John Jensen at 801-458-1745 or Rhona at 801-458-1744. Find us at then contact us

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